Not feeling very 'Ho Ho Ho' this Christmas!

Published: 06 Dec 2018

Christmas can be an emotional time, even when you don’t have cancer. At this time of year many of us take stock of the past year and our lives. And if you have cancer, it can be a reminder that you aren’t as healthy as you once were or would like to be.  

Everyone reacts and copes in their own way. Some people just want to forget all about their cancer for the holiday season. Others see it as a time to move forward with the New Year and, if possible, celebrate putting the cancer behind them. Some people need time to think about what they have been through and what may happen in the future.

There is no right or wrong way to feel. You might find that partners and family members have some of the same feelings as you. Talking through how you feel with someone close can help.

A time of Christmas Joy Stress

In the meantime, love it or loathe it … there are the practical aspects that come with the Christmas Season. Even if you’re feeling on top of the world the expectation to deliver the perfect Christmas can be stressful – and if you’re already fighting your own personal battle with cancer – it can seem overwhelming.

Present buying, choosing the tree, decorating the house, food planning, shopping, baking, crafting, partying, drinking, present wrapping, Christmas stockings, who’s coming, seating plans, relative pacifying …. STOP!   It’s not all up to you … in fact this year we suggest you do as little as you can get away with.

The art of delegation

Some people are naturals, they seem to off-load everything with so much grace and charm that the people around them hardly realise what’s happening, until it’s too late.  We all need to learn this useful life skill – especially when we’re feeling under the weather.  We’ve put together a quick and easy guide on ‘How to Delegate Like a Pro’ to help you lighten the load:

If you’re looking for advice or support over the Christmas period join the Facebook Chemotherapy Support Group – and talk with thousands of people around the globe, 24 hours per day.