4 Great Nutrient-Rich Breakfast Ideas

Published: 09 Apr 2018

We’ve gathered a selection of simple breakfast recipes to start your day. They are tailored for benefits during chemotherapy so if you’re bothered by dry mouth, need a protein pickup, or simply want to give your body a boost, then try out these recipes.

Punchy papaya and soy yoghurt

Yoghurt is a favourite breakfast of many and will help combat dry mouth and mouth sores.  Simply adding some diced papaya both adds flavour and nutritional benefits.  There is some evidence that papaya can help prevent cervical and breast cancer, as well as some others. 

You only need a single papaya per week – just cut it up at the start of the week and use it throughout, adding to yoghurts, cereals, smoothies, etc.  Research has shown that soy has numerous anti-cancer properties.  If you aren’t a fan of chunks of papaya, just blend it up and stir in.

Head here for some more information on the benefits of papaya and soy, as well as other recipe ideas.

Spiced quinoa porridge

A great, gluten-free alternative to normal porridge.  Quinoa are rich in protein and fibre, as well as many other nutrients.  Protein is especially important during chemo to maintain muscle and energy levels, while fibre will help with your digestion and potentially defend against bowl-related cancers (head here for more info on fibre).

Quinoa are slow-energy releasing, meaning you will feel fuller for longer.  Head to our blog on this subject for more ideas.  Additionally, cinnamon contains powerful anti-oxidant properties, while ginger combats nausea.  Nutmeg contains important minerals and nutrients.  Head here for more info on these spices.

Head here for the full breakdown.



Veggie Florentine Wrap

If you’re more of a savoury fan, then try out this nutritionally packed breakfast recipe.  Red onions have been shown to cause ‘cell-death’ in cancer cells.  Spinach and kale are high in antioxidants, iron, vitamin B and more!  Meanwhile, mozzarella and egg help boost your protein intake.

Head here for the full breakdown (and others!).



Tropical fruit and oats smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to overcome dry mouth and mouth sores, are easy to prepare, and delicious!  Ripe bananas and kiwis have been proven to help combat cancer, meanwhile ginger combats nausea.  Oats add thickness and fill you up for longer (see our blog on slow energy releasing foods)

Head here for more details, or to our smoothie blog for more ideas.




These are just some of our picks.  If you have a favourite which isn’t here, why not share it with our chemotherapy support community on Facebook?

As always, be sure to check the ingredients for any potential allergies.  It is wise to contact your doctor or physician concerning what foods will complement (rather than conflict with) your treatment plan.